Sunday, June 15, 2008

Funny Fotos

Talk about child labour in
the English workhouse.
What about the Aussie
Kitchen Maid??? Poor
Tilly. Looks fun though.
Maybe Justine & Declan
shower the kids in the

Check out Chelsea when
she was small. Being raised
on a farm sure looks fun.
Pumpkin soup on the menu
for how many years??

You ride that pig, gal

Gus used to sneak out
of bed and he knew not
to go any further than
the hall doorway. So
what better doona cover
than the mat. Out like a light!!

When we were driving
along in Chiang Mai, Thailand
I leaned out of the car window
to snatch this shot. They carry
absolutely everything on the
motorbikes. This is nothing
to what we saw!!!

Second edition of Darron's family

Darron with Mai (his 2nd wife) and
their daughter Chelsea
Mai and Chelsea who was turning 1 year old. Sadly Mai passed away at the age of 42, when Chelsea was just 10 years old. Mai died from cancer. She was the most beautiful person. She spoke and treated everyone in a Christlike manner and lived her budhist faith. We miss her so much from our family. Mai was from Bankok, Thailand. She was a fantastic cook (taught us well) and loved gardening. She worked really hard (Australians don't know hard work until you visit a country like hers and see how they all have to manually do a lot of work that we use machinery for here) all of her life and was my brothers soul mate. We have been fortunate enough to visit Thailand and see first hand. It was a mind changing experience.Chelsea some 15 years later on the night of her grade 10 leavers night at St James, Cygnet
Chelsea's beautiful daughter Mai (Named after Chelsea's mother) She is just beautiful. Will post a photo of Tom, Chelsea's partner and Mai's Daddy when I find it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


You're crazy Reuben, but I love you because you are you.
Reuben surfing on the Huon River near our house at Glen Huon. He's waiting for the right wave.
Rubber Ducky you're the one, Rubber Ducky havin' fun.

Pages in Indonesia

My gorgeous family in Jakarta, Indonesia. Tilly, Justine, Gus and Declan

I can't wait until we get to see the other "Pages" We miss them sooooo much. What a handsome family??

Photos when little

Playing in the water - aged about 3 years

I loved my sailor outfit - Aged 4-5 years .

I am looking a little shy here at the age of 3-4 years

Photos of me when little

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Time at the park in Melbourne

Mia taking time to smell the roses. Isn't this a gorgeous photo.

Walking in the park in Melbourne.
This is a great place to get in a good hours walk.
I really loved it. Beats nearly getting run down
by log trucks in Glen Huon.

Mama Mia, swingin' in time.

Pa, Mia and Ma discussing the pidgeon I just caught.