Sunday, June 15, 2008

Second edition of Darron's family

Darron with Mai (his 2nd wife) and
their daughter Chelsea
Mai and Chelsea who was turning 1 year old. Sadly Mai passed away at the age of 42, when Chelsea was just 10 years old. Mai died from cancer. She was the most beautiful person. She spoke and treated everyone in a Christlike manner and lived her budhist faith. We miss her so much from our family. Mai was from Bankok, Thailand. She was a fantastic cook (taught us well) and loved gardening. She worked really hard (Australians don't know hard work until you visit a country like hers and see how they all have to manually do a lot of work that we use machinery for here) all of her life and was my brothers soul mate. We have been fortunate enough to visit Thailand and see first hand. It was a mind changing experience.Chelsea some 15 years later on the night of her grade 10 leavers night at St James, Cygnet
Chelsea's beautiful daughter Mai (Named after Chelsea's mother) She is just beautiful. Will post a photo of Tom, Chelsea's partner and Mai's Daddy when I find it.

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Bride said...

That made me sad seeing the photos of Aunty Mai, she was such a beautiful person. We all miss her very much.