Sunday, June 15, 2008

Funny Fotos

Talk about child labour in
the English workhouse.
What about the Aussie
Kitchen Maid??? Poor
Tilly. Looks fun though.
Maybe Justine & Declan
shower the kids in the

Check out Chelsea when
she was small. Being raised
on a farm sure looks fun.
Pumpkin soup on the menu
for how many years??

You ride that pig, gal

Gus used to sneak out
of bed and he knew not
to go any further than
the hall doorway. So
what better doona cover
than the mat. Out like a light!!

When we were driving
along in Chiang Mai, Thailand
I leaned out of the car window
to snatch this shot. They carry
absolutely everything on the
motorbikes. This is nothing
to what we saw!!!


Hannah Challis said...

great work on your blog! Had a good laugh at your photos - the funny ones that is, not the ones of you when you were a baby!!!!! (honestly!!)
Not sure if you are interested or not but if you would like me to add you to my blog, juts send me and email

Bride said...

LOVE that picture of the dog on the bike with his sunnies on! Classic

The Kings said...

Hi! Lisa (Triffitt) here. I saw your comment on Bridey's blog about Jus and Declan coming home and the the Q to see them :) You must be so excited that they are ALL coming home together. I can't wait to see them - don't worry - I will be patient and line up. Love your blog :)